FIFA 20 how to add concept players to your squad | Tutorial


With the launch of FIFA 20.  Ea have changed quite a few of the menus.  Which a lot of players don’t like because it’s made everything more confusing when the old system was perfectly fine.

What the video below to see how to add a concept player into your squad.  Scroll below the video for the same steps but in text format.

To add a concept player you need to be on the your squad screen.

Then highlight a player or empty position you want to add a concept player to and click Y(xbox) or Triangle (PS4).

Now your on the search screen go to the bottom left panel and change the ‘Concept Players: off’ to on.

Now search the player you want and the concept versions will now show.

Choose which version of the player you want to add and it will automatically replace the player in the position you highlighted at the start.


It can be a little confusing and since the update in FIFA 20 it feels as a lot slower than it used to be.  Especially for replacing multiple players.

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