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If you’re looking for a 400k squad that fits the meta of FIFA 20.  And’ll help you win more matches in fut rivals and fut champions then this team would be for you.

The team starts in a 4321 formation but will work well when switched to a 4231, 442, 4222 in game via custom tactics.

What fits the meta?

In fifa 20 you want quick, agile players.  Players with high stamina is really important.  Stamina has played a key role in the game since fifa 19 and should always be one of the priorities when looking at players for your team.

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GK: Ter Stegan (90 Rare Gold Version)

Ter Stegan is probably by far one of the best goalkeepers on the game a long side David De Gea.  He’s 6’2″ which is a good height for a keeper with outstanding card stats including 86 reactions which is an in game stat that is incredibly important on a keeper that often gets over looked.  He also has the save with feet traits which comes in extremely useful that not many other top keepers have.

RB: Semedo (82 Rare Gold Version)

Semedo is primarily invloved in the team for chemistry.  As well as being the best RB in the Liga Santander.  Although he isn’t the highest rated his speed makes him extremely useful for catching up to your opponents strikers and wingers.

RCB: Militao (81 Rare Gold Version)

Militao is probably the most used center back on FIFA 20 along side lenglet.  His high pace and good defending stats make him incredibly useful.  Being on the right side of the defense it’s important he’s right footed so he can make interceptions properly.

LCB: Lenglet (85 Rare Gold Version)

Being on the left side of defense.  It’s important to have a left footed player.  Lenglet is classed by many in the community to be a meta player in the game.  His stats compare to players like Varane and Ramos who are twice as expensive.

LB: Mendy (80 Rare Gold Version)

Another player who is used in majority of the meta teams is mendy.  Although only 80 rated he stands out to be one of the best left backs on the game.  His 5 star week foot make him extremely good at passing out from the back because you’re able to use any foot which makes you less predictable.  Especially when running down the line.

RCM: De Jong (85 Rare Gold Version)
CM: Kante (89 Rare Gold Version)
LCM: Sissoko (81 Rare Gold Version)

In the midfield you should have a combination of quick and agile players a long with a bit of strength and power.  Which is what all three of the midfielders offer.  You’ve got Kante and De Jong who are quick and agile. With De Jong having really good passing stats for a 85 rated player.

But you’ve also got Sissoko who again is used by many of the top players because his stats suit how you play the game.  Not only does he have pace to keep up with players and close players down quickly but he also has great stamina to last the full 90 minutes and good strength to win the ball back in tackles.

LF: Martial (83 Rare Gold Version)

As a winger you want someone who is quick, has good dribbling stats and relatively good shooting stats.  Although you aren’t going to be scoring screamers with martial he’s a very solid card before you can start to save up and afford players like hazard and neymar.  Because he used to be a striker a few years ago his shooting has stayed high throughout the past few fifa titles making him an incredibly good LF for the price.

RF: Dembele (84 Rare Gold Version)

Dembele has been widely used during this year.  With very high pace, dribbling and agility he’s an all round great player to use for running past players and dribbling inside.  Speaking of dribbling inside he also has 5 star skills and 5 star weak foot which is only one of the few players on the game to have 5* skills and weak foot.  So you’ll be able to cross with any foot and most importantly be unpredictable on the edge of the box when you’re looking for a shooting opportunity.

ST: Griezmann (89 Rare Gold Version)

Although Griezmann lacks the pace of some other strikers on the game.  His dribbling, passing and especially his shooting stats make him one of the best strikers on the game.  His finesse shots from out side the box with his strong left foot are insane and go in majority of the time.  There’s a reason why he’s still high in price, and that’s because he’s an extremely good ST as well as having a strong link with dembele.


fifa 20 400k team


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