Can I play FUT Draft with a friend? Yes! Here’s How…


FUT Draft is quite arguably one of the best modes that have been added to the ultimate team.  You’re able to play with some of the best players on the game that you’d probably not be able to use without spending a lot of time or money.

Playing with your friend on the same team is possible by making sure their controller is attached to your console and then pressing Y / Triangle to add a guest on the match screen.  You cannot, however, play against your friend.

You could probably try to matchup by searching at the exact same time but I wouldn’t recommend it as you could potentially get banned.

can i play fut draft with a friend

Should you play FUT Draft?

With the addition to Division rivals and FUT Champs, FUT Draft is a mode that you can chill and relax without playing people who are trying their hardest to win.  Obviously no one goes into FUT Draft wanting to lose and you will play some people who will try their hardest.  But you’ll find that you can relax a bit more and enjoy the game.

If you’re a semi-good FIFA player you’ll find that FUT Draft is quite a good way to generate a bit of coins.  If you can get to the semi-finals majority of the time and sell everything you get form the packs including fitness cards etc.  You’ll either just break even or make a few coins.


What’s the best formation for FUT Draft?

If you’re looking to build the highest-rated draft then choosing a 3 at the back formation would be best as there isn’t too many high rated wingbacks unless you get lucky and get some TOTY cards.

However, if you’re looking to give yourself the best chance at winning the draft any of the following formations would give the best chance:

  • 442
  • 4312
  • 4231
  • 433-3
  • 433-4

Although everyone is different and prefers a different formation so at the end of the day choosing a formation that suits you and you are used to is probably the best.


Can you get Icons in Draft?

Yes, Icons are available in draft.  Although it must be said that some of the better prime icons such as Ronaldinho and Ronaldo don’t seem to pop up.  Whereas Zidane and a few others show up most of the time.  It’s a weird one that some of the community wonder if all ICONS are in draft.  But without confirmation from EA, we will ultimately only be guessing.  Although it does seem like some ICONS are not in draft.


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