Bronze Pack Method FIFA 20


Bronze Pack Method

The Bronze Pack Method is a trading method which can be done by anyone who plays FUT.  As probably guessing from the method, you have to open 400-coin bronze packs and sell the contents inside for a profit.

Whether you have 1000 coins or 1 million coins the bronze pack method is a very good method to generate coins as well as stocking up on bronze players to use in Marque Matchups.

Now you know what the Bronze Pack Method is you probably want to know what items sell and what items don’t


Every player in the pack will sell.  You just have to be patient and keep relisting players over and over again until they sell.  It’s always best to check every player’s price.  With all the League SBCs and Marque Matchups, most players will sell after a few times of listing.  And if they don’t, not to worry just store them in your club and wait until a new SBC is released which requires them and you’ll see their price increase sometimes up to 4000+ coins.

Players are the main coin generating method when coming to bronze packs.  On average you get three players per pack which means even if you keep relisting them for 150 coins start price and 200 coins Buy now.  You’ll generate 426 coins by selling the players for 150 coins each.  Like said before just keep relisting the players over and over again.  If they don’t sell just store them in the club until they are relevant in an SBC.

Players to look out for

The main players to look out for are players which are in a league that has a League SBC out.  And look out for players from major leagues.  Premier League, Ligue 1, Calcio A, Bundesliga and Liga Santander.  And finally, players from popular nations such as England, France, German, and Spain.


Rare consumables will always sell.  The three main consumables too look out for are Squad Fitness Cards, All healing Cards, and Leg healing cards all these will sell for at least 200-600 coins.

Other consumables such as contracts your best off just storing in the club and applying them to your players when you need contracts, *It’s better to do this than waste money purchasing gold contracts*.  RARE Contacts will sell for 150-200 coins.

Regular fitness cards will sell for 150 coins on bid after listing for a few attempts.  You’ll notice that fitness cards sell more during the Weekend League.  Due to more games being played and people requiring fitness cards for there teams.

Other Items

Most other items such as managers and staff, as well as kits and stadiums normally don’t sell.  These are the only cards that you should look to discard.  Just keep an eye out for bronze managers that have a popular nation and a top league sometimes these sell for 300+ coins.  However, apart from that, you are probably better off discarding the rest of the items in the pack.  It’s better getting 30-60 coins than cluttering your club with a load of managers, kits, and stadiums that don’t sell.


Check every player’s price, and never discard a player even if they don’t sell after listing for several times they will eventually be required in an SBC.

Make sure to sell Squad Fitness, All healing, and Leg healing cards.

Standard Fitness cards sell, mainly during weekend league.  If not, you can use them for your team.

Never discard contracts – you can use them yourself instead of having to purchase gold contracts.

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