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We’re currently in early stages!  Some things may not work properly!  We’re looking for a fully automated version but at the moment you need to follow the steps below and upload the text file.


It will only take you a couple of minutes.  It may look overwhelming at first but it’s a fairly straightforward process and you’ll save yourself tonnes of time than checking each team manually on the console.

Guide to get all your club players

!!!  Follow the steps below precisely otherwise it won’t work  !!!

Step 1.  Go to the club section on FUT Web App.


Step 2. Press F12 to bring up Chrome Dev Tools.

!!!!  Important if you get the following screen with “Paused in Debugger”. !!!

Press CTRL + F8.

Then press F8.  You should now have unpaused Debugger.


Step 3. Navigate to the Network tab in Chrome Dev Tools and click on XHR filter.


Step 4. Go back to your FUT Web App TAB and click on Players (Don’t Close Chome Dev Tools just minimise).


Step 5. Now CLICK NEXT until you get to the last page


Step 6. Now you’ve got to the last page go back to Chrome Dev Tools and OPEN A BLANK NOTEPAD

Step 7. We now need to copy the response from every club? ignore the pinevent we don’t need this.

Right Click -> Copy -> Copy Response

Then paste it using CTRL + V into the notepad file.  And press enter to start a new line after you’ve pasted.

It’s important to press ENTER after each paste so the next response will be on a new line.

Once you’ve finished it should look something similar to this.

At the bottom of the text file it will say Ln then a number this number should match the number of club? files in Chrome Dev Tools.  If not you’ve either not copied all the club? responses or you’ve not pressed enter after every paste.

Once you verify the numbers match.

Save the file.  Call it anything such as ‘players’


Step 8. Now you just need to go to the top of this page and upload your file.

Congrats.  Now you can see all of your players that are usable in League SBCs and how many players you have for each club.


Once you’ve completed a few squads you’ll need to redo the whole process to get updated stats.

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