FIFA 20 Sniping Filters Over 24 Filters

For some reason all Liverpool golds are minimum of just of 1000 coins both rare and non rare golds.  Here you’ll be picking up non are golds for around 500-600 coins and rare’s for roughly discard and then selling them for either the cheapest buy now for quick sales or selling them to lazy buyers for around 1200 coins.

Gold Brazil LB is another filter similar to the french left back one where you’ll be picking up non rare golds for around 400-500 coins and flipping them for 800-1000 coins.  On average making around 400-500 coins per card.  Although not a lot you’ll be picking a lot of cards up and selling them at fast rates.

Likewise with the filter above.  You’ll be picking german left backs up for discard price and then relisting them for around 700-800 coins or selling them for closer to 1000 coins if you can wait on sales and sell them to lazy buyers doing the Bundesliga League SBC.

Whilst I was looking for this one I picked up a RM for 350 coins and it sold within 2 minutes for 1300 coins.  With the League SBC the non rares are in use all the time.  And when people pack them they don’t realise this and list them for under 500 coins ‘thinking’ that’s a good price, when in reality he’s worth over 1000 coins.