FIFA 20 Sniping Filters Over 24 Filters

Sniping filters may have changed by the time you are reading this. This page will be updated 2-3 times a week. So please check back.

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FIFA 20 ultimate team sniping filters. The images below consist of the sniping filters that should always work on FIFA 20 ultimate team. All you have to do is check the current cheapest buy now as prices fluctuate throughout the day.

The best way to find the sniping filter that works for you is to pick some of the fifa 20 sniping filters below and test them out.

The sniping filters for fifa 20 ultimate team below range from players from 800-900 coins all the way up to 20k+.  An alternative to sniping filters are mass bidding filters which don’t require you to snipe players.

The best sniping filters are the ones in which can show a large pool of players which is the bottom for images on this page. However, bare in mind that these will have a lot of players trying to use these filters so you will have more competition.

Below is three examples of the filters you will get on a regular basis. Updated 2 – 3 times a week. In order to unlock the rest of the filters please follow me on twitter or like my facebook page.

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What are sniping filters?

Sniping filters are filters on the market that can show multiple players at one time, giving you a higher chance of being able to snipe players than just searching for the individual player.

The best fifa 20 sniping filters are the ones in which have the highest number of potential players that can be listed by other players at a low price. For example the sniping filter of Gold | Defender | Shadow. Has the potential to show any gold defender with the shadow chemistry style. This filter is one of the best filters ever found on the market. As well as the one which should yield you the most profit.

How to find sniping filters?

You can find sniping filters in a number of ways. One way is to use websites such as FUTBIN to filter players using there search filter. Using futbin you can narrow down custom filters to see the number of potential players your filter could pull up.

Another way is to manually search on the market. You can do this by selecting random nations (preferably top nations) and combine them with a certain league and position. This way takes longer as you don’t fully know the potential of the filter. Which is why I’ve listed all the highly profitable working filters above which should work all the time.

Using SBCs for Sniping Filters?

Some of the best sniping filters are usually ones which get caused by new SBC releases. This is due to players not realizing the price of players once an SBC is released. For example if EA release an SBC which you need minimum 4 gold Italian players. Certain positions such as CM, CB, STs go up in price due to being needed for chemistry reasons. Therefore all of a sudden the cheapest Gold Italian CM is 1000 coins. This is the best time to use these types of filters due to the lack of players actually sniping these cards. And the amount of people that won’t realize the price of these players and just list for 400 coins

fifa 20 sniping filters

fifa 20 sniping filters

fifa 20 sniping filters


fifa 20 sniping filters

With Shadows being really expensive this is a really good filter.  People will list cards for the same price as the lowest buy now of that player to try sell him straight away.  Without realizing how expensive that player actually is.  Best way to use this filter is to find the current lowest defender on the market with a shadow and set your filter to just below this price.  You’ll pick up gems every minute or so and will be able to make 1k or more on majority of the cards you’ll get.


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