Why you should complete FUTTIES Richarlison Player Review FUT 19


At this time in the fifa cycle. Only the best players in the game will do. Pretty much the majority of the teams you will face will be 90+ rated teams with multiple icons and tots. However this FUTTIES RICHARLISON offers many things that some other players don’t.

Just looking at his card stats below. At this stage you should be looking at 95+ pace, 90+ dribbling, 95+ shooting and 90+ physical on your strikers

With the only one Richarlison failing to meet is the 95+ shooting however looking at his in game stats 99 positioning and 96 finishing are the two stats that really need to be above 95. So even though he doesn’t have 95+ shooting the stats that really matter is the finishing and positioning

FUTTIES Richarlison player review

Looking at the in game stats from FUTBIN.

His pace is by far well within what you would expect to be using at this stage of the game.

Although shooting is only 93 the 96 finishing and 99 positioning combined with the 98 shot power makes Richarlison one of the best finishers on the game. Looking into the stats shows that his long shots and volleys let him down which aren’t really to useful so this shouldn’t be looked at in a negative way

The physical stats on FUTTIES Richarlison are outstanding offering a,axing jumping and stamina. Along with really good strength.

As the meta for fifa 19 is the back post headers, Richarlison’s 92 jumping and 99 heading accuracy make him one of the best players to do the crossing metas with in the game.

Richarlison also has 4* skills and the all important 5* weak foot which is absolutely crucial to take the average players to the top meta players within the game. Take into consideration some of the best players in the game such as Gullit, Neymar, Eusebio all have 5* weak foots.

The only downside to this FUTTIES RICHARLISON would be his 86 Composure. In an ideal world we would want at least 90 Composure to make this card one of the Best in the game.

For just under 300k coins it’s definitely worth an investment.

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