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Why you should complete FUTTIES Richarlison Player Review FUT 19

At this time in the fifa cycle. Only the best players in the game will do. Pretty much the majority of the teams you will face will be 90+ rated teams with multiple icons and tots. However this FUTTIES RICHARLISON offers many things that some other players don’t. Just looking at his card stats below. […]

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Proof of ICON Zidane in FUT 20

EA released an image of the final ultimate edition of fifa 20 with a silhouette Seen in the image below. From this image many people believed and it can be obviously seen that the player that is in the background is Zidane. This pretty much confirmed that Zidane would be an icon in FUT 20. […]

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I completed FUTTIES POGBA and here’s why you should too! Player Review

Back at the start of fifa 19, Paul Pogba was one of the go to midfielders for several reasons. One being his height and strength that give him a great presence on the pitch. Other cards that have similar attributes such as Gullit, who is questionably the best midfielder on the game. However using Pogba’s […]

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FIFA 19 Trading Tipps (In-depth Guide)

Certain trading methods on fifa 19 have the potential to generate more coins than others. Finding these right methods are the hardest part, because people aren’t going to tell you the methods that are working for them because then they will make less profit. Many FIFA traders charge a monthly fee, but they don’t tell […]

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Road To Glory FIFA 19 Tips

Road To Glory FIFA 19 Tips and Tricks to help you build the best teams possible on.  A road to glory can be whatever you want it to be whether you spend money, or go ahead without spending a single penny.  But at the end of the day you want to have the best players on […]

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FIFA 19 Best Trading Method (200k a day)

The FIFA 19 best trading method has to be Tech Avion Low Cost. Tech Avion Low Cost is a fifa 19 trading method of where you buyer players for their lowest buy now. Apply 99 contracts and fitness, and list for a higher price for the lazy buyers. This method has worked since the earlier […]