Top 5 places to land on Fortnite Chapter 2


After the new release of Fortnite Chapter 2. With a brand new map, it’s time to learn the best spots to land and get you the best loot.

Like the previous Chapter one map some of the places have been revamped and added back such as Pleasant Park and Retail Row.

Below is the new chapter 2 Fortnite map with the best 5 places circled for you to see where you should consider landing to get a chance at the best loot on the game.

Best Places to land Fortnite Chapter 2.

All five places above, are the larger landing spots across the map providing you with a large number of buildings to enter and the chance for a lot of chests to spawn to get the better weapon.

Slurpy Swamp also has the shield river allowing you to come away with pretty much maximum health once you’ve managed to kill the rest of the opponents in the area. The main factory area there reminds us of flush factory from the OG days of Chapter One.

Both Retail Row and Pleasant Park have been reverted back to the beginning of the places from chapter one. Offering a lot of houses with chests mainly placed in the roofs.

The new area Sweaty Sands has a few houses joined together, again with chests in the roofs but also has a couple of larger taller buildings similar to the big tower that was in Paradise Palms from the previous map.

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