How to whisper friends in Fortnite

Whispering friends on Fortnite is also known as just sending a normal message.  It’s useful to check if their online and wanting a game.

Because let’s face it fortnite is much more fun with friends compared to playing on your own.

So how do you whisper?

Well it’s quite simple all you need to do is be in a lobby on either creative or battle royale.

Then click on the friends list on the top left hand side or the hamburger menu in the top right.

Choose the friend you want to whisper and when you click on their name it will pop up saying whisper.

How to whisper friends in Fortnite

Type in what you want and hit send.

There you go you’ve just messaged / Whispered someone on Fortnite.

Important:  The player has to be online for you to be able to whisper them otherwise the whisper button will be hidden.

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