How to make leaderboard show Fortnite creative


To make a leader board show in creative you need to go to “My Island” in the menu and go to UI Settings.

From here you can make the scoreboard show certain stats in stat #1.  And then make scoreboard stat #2 ‘Time’.

Whichever you set to stat #1 will be the order of the leaderboard.  For example, if you set eliminations to stat #1, then whoever has the most eliminations after the time will be the winner.

Whereas if you set stat #1 to eliminated.  Then whoever had the fewest deaths will be at the top of the leaderboard.

Stat #1 is the priority stat.

So, whatever you set as stat #1 will be the order of the leaderboard.  If there is a tie in this then it will go to stat #2 and then stat#3 as so on.

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