Fortnite – How to Boost on the Trolley


How to Boost on the Trolley

Fortnite recently released shopping trolleys to get around the map quicker than running.  After using the shopping cart we found out a method to boost the shopping cart.

In order to boost the shopping cart you need the following:

  • Two people
  • Rocket Launcer
  • Shopping Cart
  • Rockets

In order to boost the passenger of the shopping cart needs to have the Rocket launcher and rockets.  And all he needs to do is shoot a rocket behind the driver (Do NOT hit the driver), this will cause the Shopping Cart to boost forwards extremely quick.


What can this be used for?

The fortnite shopping cart boosting method is extremely useful to get into the zone when the storm is coming in quick.

It is also useful for when you run into another team and need to get away quickly.


Where can shopping carts be found?

Shopping carts spawn randomly all over the map at many different locations.  However, the best places to find shopping carts are in the larger locations such as.  Retail Row, Tilted Towers, Pleasant Park.  Other smaller locations which shopping carts have been found on a regular basis is the, Motel at the top left corner of the map.  Lucky Landing, and the Factories in the bottom left of the map.


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