Could Arsenal be in for a long night against Sheffield United

Ozil was said to be fit for the monday night clash against Sheffield United but isn’t in the travelling squad. Maybe Unai is saving him for thursday’s Europa Legaue fixture against Vitoria S.C.

Tierney is on the bench. Should he be starting instead of Kolasinac. Maybe not yet but still a positive defender on the bench to come on if called upon.

Bellerin is still suffering from the recent injury and isn’t fit enough to play. Whilst Torreira isn’t making the starting XI. In a game where we know Sheffield United are going to be physical, it’s gonna be a tough game and without Torreira in there to be a force in Midfield. It leaves Xhaka to keep his cool and not make any silly mistakes.

Many Arsenal Fans took to twitter to write about this could turn into a long night. But if Aubameyang and Pepe have good games it could be over by half time.

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