Modern Warfare Which Barrels are Long Barrels on AR


AR’s with Long Barrels


The oden is probably the easiest gun to get for unlocking a long barrel.  Although the oden isn’t unlocked till a higher level.  The ‘Long Barrel’ is unlocked at weapon level 23.

The “Oden Factory 810mm” works as a long barrel.

modern warfare which barrels are long barrels on ar


Another AR with a long barrel is the M4A1.  However the Corvus Custom Marksman barrel isn’t unlocked until gun level 59.

A lot of people do however, use the M4A1 a lot more so you may already have got the this level and can use this barrel.

long barrel m4a1


Is the long barrel mission bugged?

A lot of people have been complaining that long barrel kills are not getting counted to the stats.

This also happened to me and the solution I found as a work around even though it’s not the most ideal.  Is to remove all the other attachments and only apply the long barrel to get the kills.

Although this means that your AR will not be very good.  It seems to be the best work around rather than waiting for a fix.


Why the M4A1 and the Oden?

The reason we’ve chosen these two assault rifles to be the best ones to get long barrel kills are because the Oden has the lowest gun level long barrel, where you are unlocking it at gun level 23.

And everyone uses the M4A1.  It’s probably the best AR in the game that is good for short, medium and long range kills.  Therefore majority of people including my self had already reached gun level 59.


The best way to find long barrel AR’s

If you go into a private match all the attachments are unlocked and you can see all of the barrels for each AR.

If you already have an Assault rifle such as the Ak-47 to a high level go into a private match and see all the barrels to see if there is a long barrel there.

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