Modern Warfare How much XP per kill in COOP for guns


Did you know that the new COOP mode in modern warfare allows you to level up your multiplayer weapons?

It’s heavily reduced.  But it is expected.

In COOP you get around 10xp per kill instead of the 100xp on multiplayer.

Which is the best COOP mode for XP?

After trying classic operations, regular operations and Survival the best way to get XP in coop is survival without a doubt.

Best COOP Mode for XP: Survival

Worst Mode: Classic Operation

So is it worth it?

Not really.  With the heavily reduced XP gains it’s really slow to level up any guns.

If your primary purpose is to use the COOP mode to level guns up then you’d be much more efficient going on ground war.

Even though survival is the quickest for XP.  It’s still really slow and probably not worth your time.


But if you want to have a bit of fun and get away from all the try hards on multiplayer then survival is a great way to have fun with your friends.

And then the added bonus is the small amounts of XP you get.


Is COOP XP bugged?

From playing COOP myself the XP wasn’t bugged and worked but it was really slow.

Although there are people on reddit and other forums that have stated that their guns did not get any XP.


Best way to level up guns?

The best game mode for leveling up your guns has to be Shoot House 24/7.  The games quick and because the map is really small you always get a lot of kills.

And we all know the more kills you get = more weapon XP.

Another good game mode to rack up kills is hard point.

If you’re in or near the hard point the enemy team will always be moving to that location which allows you to see a lot more enemies and ultimately gives you the chance to get a lot more kills than other standard game modes such as Team death match and kill confirmed.

modern warfare how much xp per kill in coop for guns



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