how to choose best sensitivity modern warfare


There isn’t one sensitivity that is the best.  It’s mainly down to personal preference to what you perform better on.

But there is a rough range that you should be looking at that most pro’s and really good players use.

This guide will be aimed at controller players and can be used for PC, Xbox one and PS4.


X and Y sensitivity range

From personal preference and from looking at a lot of pro sensitivities.  Having the same X and Y sensitivity give you a good consistency rather than having one higher than the other.

In terms of actual numbers for each range.

Between 4 – 7 are what majority of good players and pro’s tend to use.

Anything less than 4 and you’ll struggle to win any gun fights where you’re getting shot from the side and behind.

And anything higher than 7 and you’ll find yourself loosing accuracy.

The best thing to do is to setup an Aim Drill map similar to the one in the video below.  This will help you practice your aim and help find the right sensitivity you feel comfortable with.


ADS Sensitivity

Now you’ve found the idle X and Y settings.  You need to find the right Aim Down Sight (ADS) sensitivity.

ADS is the sensitivity as you’ve probably guessed is used when you’re looking down your sights.

Some people leave this at one.  Which is okay but it’s always best to have a little bit more control of your aim when aiming in.

A lot of Pro players have this set between 0.6 and 0.8 

Going between those two numbers allow you to be precise when locking onto your targets.

Anything higher than one and you’re probably playing on the wrong X and Y settings.  You shouldn’t really be wanting your aim down sight speed faster than your X and Y.

Going lower than 0.6 and if your opponent is running you’ll find you’ll need to keep aiming out to keep up with his movement whilst you’re shooting.


Aim Response Curve

aim response curve

The three different response curves are based on the thumstick movement to the actual rotation speed your character will rotate at.

Standard: If you’ve been playing Call of Duty for a long time.  This is the one you’ll be used to using.  It give you more control period in the first to mid ranges.

Linear:  A lot of pro’s and good players say that this mode is the best.  Purely down to the consistency that it gives the user.

Dynamic: I wouldn’t consider this to be a good choice.  You get a very high rotation speed at the start followed by a control period in the middle.  And then the further thumstick movements are also a quick movement.

Personally I stick to standard.  As a call of duty player for over a decade.  It’s what I’ve been used to using.  Why change now.

But if you fancy a change and want more consistency in your rotation speed.  Then Linear is the way to go.

Again I’d suggest using the Aim Drill map to practice each one and decide which one you feel more comfortable with.


Aim Assist Setting

aim assist settings

If you’re not to sure what aim assist is.  It’s a function that slows down the rotation speed when you’re near an enemy.  Unlike a mouse you cannot be as precise with a controller so it’s there to help you out.

As a controller player I’d definitely not recommend turning Aim Assist off.

Like with the response curve.  Standard is what you’ll be used to if you’ve player Call of Duty in the past.  It’s the default setting, and I’d recommend leaving the setting on standard unless you are really struggling to aim or your wanting to reduce the impact slightly.

With Precision you need to be more accurate with your aiming.  So if you aren’t that good don’t choose precision.  This is for the more experienced players who are looking to further increase there aiming ability.

If you aren’t very good at aiming you should look at the focusing setting.

It gives you a really strong slow down when closer to enemies.  It gives you a lot more control to slightly move your stick onto the enemy.


My Settings.

Like I’ve mentioned I’ve been a Call of Duty player for over a decade and after hours on the aim drill map.  These are the settings that work best for me.

Would I recommend copying these settings?


However, if you’re not to sure where to start.  Then my settings could be a good starting point for you to then adjust to suit you.

how to choose best sensitivity modern warfare

For me using X and Y sensitivity of 7 gives me a good level of accuracy when facing forwards.

As well as a quick enough rotation speed if I need to spin up to 180 degrees.

I set the ADS to 0.7 for low zoom.  These are your standard sights you’d find on a sub machine gun or assault rifle.

Whereas the High Zoom scopes you’d find on sniper rifles etc.  I set the ADS for high zoom slightly lower because If I’m using a sniper or marksman rifle I’ll be further away so I’ll need to be more precise when aiming.

For the response curve and Aim Assist I left these both on standard.  The reason I did this was because I tested the other settings out but found that I was to used to using the standard controls that I didn’t perform as well when I changed them.


Aim Drill Map Details

So I mentioned the aim drill map and linked the video at the start of this post.

The reason for the aim drill map is to help improve accuracy and cross hair placement.

A lot of people tend to die because there cross hair placement isn’t aimed at the upper body / head area when moving around the map.

Using an Aim Drill map will help you start to add this to your locker so it comes as second nature when playing in a real lobby.

If you don’t want to watch the video the private lobby settings are below.

Map: Shoot house
Mode: Free for All
Time Limit: Unlimited
Score: Unlimited
Bots: 11
Bot Level: Recruit

(We’re using this to help improve accuracy and cross hair placement so we don’t need to use veteran bots)

In terms of weapons to use.

Choose a Sub Machine gun or Assault Rifle with a lot of ammo capacity.

You don’t want to interrupt your flow by having to reload after you’ve killed 2 enemies.

The MP7 has an attachment to get a 60 round magazine which is the gun I use on this map.


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