Chrome camo on Call of Duty WW2 how to unlock it?


Chrome Camo on Call of Duty WW2 how to get it?

Chrome camo on Call of Duty WW2 is the most sort after camo, with just about every player trying to complete the challenges.  The chrome camo is a secret camo that isn’t shown until you actually unlock it.  In order to receive and unlock this camo, you need to get every weapon on call of duty ww2 to gold camo.  That’s right EVERY single weapon in multiplayer including the US Shovel.

In order to see what challenges, you need to complete to achieve gold camo. You can hover over a gun on the class menu and press Y or triangle in order to personalize the gun.  From here you can choose the camouflage menu, to see how far you are away from reaching gold and what challenges you need to complete to get the next camo available.

The video below shows off a couple of the most popular guns on the game in Gold, Diamond, and Chrome Camo.

People’s opinions on the Chrome Camo

Even though the chrome camo is the hardest and rarest camo in the game, with very few people actually fully completing the tasks.  People have the opinion that the chrome camo on call of duty ww2 isn’t the best-looking camo on the game.  Some people say that it’s very dull and hard to recognize that it is actually the chrome camo when playing a game.  Unlike the previous Call of Duty’s where the final camo was dark matter which was very noticeable in game.

Have you achieved or have an opinion on the chrome camo? Be sure to let us know your opinion!

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