Call of Duty WW2 Best Bar Class Setup



Call of Duty WW2 best Bar class setup. Choosing which division to go with all depends on which type of perks you want.  It doesn’t really affect the class too much, from experiences the two best divisions for the bar is Infantry or Airbourne.  Infantry gives you the extra ammo round which can be very useful as well as an extra attachment.  Due to the Bar not having too much ammo in the first place.  Whereas Airbourne gives you quicker sprint speed to move around the map quicker.


To achieve one of the best Bar classes, you need three primary attachments.  This can be achieved by either using the Infantry division or using the Primed basic training to gain an extra attachment.  The best three attachments are Rapid Fire, this is a must.  The Bar has a slower fire rate than most other rifles stock, so rapid fire is a must attachment.

The second attachment is extended mags, again is a must due to the lower ammo capacity of the Bar.  The extra 10 bullets per magazine are extremely useful, without you tend to find taking a lot more deaths due to running out of ammo.

And finally, the third attachment to this class is Advanced Rifling.  Advanced Rifling increases the damage drop off range meaning that you can kill enemies easier at further distances, this is especially good and recommended due to a lot of the maps having areas of medium to long shooting distances.

Basic Training

Choosing the basic training all depends on which division you choose.  If you choose Infantry then you can choose pretty much any basic training you wish.  With Energetic being a good choice.  If you didn’t choose Infantry as the division then it is a must you choose Primed as your basic training.  Primed gives you the extra Primary attachment.

Secondary and Lethal

Both secondary gun and lethal aren’t to important to this class.  So choosing ones that are your personal preference is best.

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